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Making a Complete Flash Game: Prerolling Sponsor Ads and Your Logo

Posted April 13, 2009 by Par

One of the number one ways you can make money off your Flash game is to get a sponsor. One of the number one ways to get a sponsor is That said, if you get a sponsor they are going to want their advertisement at the beginning of your Flash game. Now honestly, this is probably one of the simplest things you can do with Flash. I mean all we are doing is showing their advertisement, which is likely a MovieClip, and then jumping on to our game. But the thing is, you could sell your game to multiple sponsors. You are going to need a quick and easy way to show of the sponsors advertisement and your advertisement without having to change your whole game every time. So today we are going to write a quick simple class to go through and play all our sponsor and credit MovieClips before our game starts.

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Using 9-Slice Scaling to Retain Shape while Resizing

Posted April 2, 2009 by Par

So what is 9-Slice Scaling? Well, it’s a way of dividing a MovieClip up into 9 seperate pieces in order to maintain the shape of the corners and repeat the sides. This will be a quick tutorial that will explain to you exactly how it works. I may refer to it from time to time as a scale9 grid. I’ve heard it called each so just remember that a 9-slice scaling MovieClip is the same a scale9 grid MovieClip.

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