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Why and How to Encrypt Your Flash SWF

Posted June 23, 2009 by Par

So you just finished your first flash game, it’s excellent, at least you think so. I mean you put hours on top of hours into it. Your eyes have been bloodshot and you’ve pulled your hair out more than once. Needless to say, you’ve worked hard and you are incredibly proud of it (But your ego is in check, you’re not arrogant or anything :D ). So you send your game off to be spread virally around the internet and it’s doing amazing!!! You’re making all kinds of money on your advertising, then a week later some guy comes out with your game and new graphics… better graphics. But it’s the same game, seriously to the last detail it works almost the exact same way. You’re the victim of someone decompiling your game and stealing your source code! You’re game loses popularity and you just lost a lot of hard work and money!

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AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Using Frame Labels and Art Tweening

Posted February 18, 2009 by Par

If you like using MovieClips to animate your artwork in flash then this is a great method for doing it. Not only for Flash Games but for any project in which you have an object that needs to undergo different animations based on conditions. However, this will work perfectly for our Flash Game. So this time in the series we are going to make our Stinger Ship EXPLODE when it gets hit by a bullet.

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