AS Gamer was launched in February 2009 with the goal of giving reader’s the information they need to make a flash game.  The site launched with a series of tutorials known as AS3 Flash Games for Beginners which developed a pretty strong following and jumpstarted AsGamer’s growth.  While the site is definitely still in the growing process it’s initial month has been a good one and given the site a firm foundation to stand on.


AS Gamer plans to grow into a flash gaming community giving readers the opportunity to contribute and become a part of the game development scene. We want reader’s like yourself to be as big of a part of As Gamer as the team that keeps the site running and growing. We’re looking to expand into forums and contests to give user’s the opportunities to show off their work and programming skills. If you would like to contribute to the goal, please drop us an email via the contact page and let us know how you’d like to be a part.


AS Gamer was founded by Jonathan Parsons.  Jonathan has been a member of a variety of projects both in the gaming and design. Originally he was a co-founder of X-Buster, a quake 3 modification based on the Capcom series Megaman.  He also took a leading role in Subliminal Genesis(founded by Royce Mckie), a web and graphic design community. He founded Amp3d, a graphic art design community much like the still evolving and growing community depthCore.  Jonathan has released one flash game to the public, Entropy, which was a proof of concept.  The game utilizes the 3D Engine Papervision to achieve a 3d Effect in flash.