March 4, 2009

Inspirational Game: Globetrotter XL

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Lithuania? That's somewhere in Europe right?

Lithuania? That's somewhere in Europe right?

GlobeTrotter XL: play at
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Sometimes there’s a game you find that everything about it just seems perfect. Globetrotter XL may not be that game but it’s most definitely close. What kind of game is it, you ask? Well here’s how the author describes it.

“Find famous cities worldwide and improve your geographic skills.”

I know, doesn’t sound very fun. The first thing I thought of was Mario is Missing, an old Nintendo game where you ran around as Luigi and tried to figure out where you are. It’s nothing like that… As a matter of fact, Mario is Missing is much more history than geography, Globetrotter XL is all geography.  But they’re both in the same boat, games that teach. And that’s some of the power of Globetrotter XL, you can use this in a classroom.  Honestly, Geography teachers listen up, give your students Extra Credit based on how far they can make it in three rounds of Globetrotter XL! I’d loved you for that if I was still a student.

So enough about this being a great educational game. What’s so inspirational about it? It’s another way to look at gaming. As a game developer, fun games are something you’ll spend more time doing on your own or as part of a company that focuses on entertainment.  I know of many flash developers whose primary job is making educational games for companies. Flash is a perfect medium for this, think about it… Development cycles can be extremely quick, Flash can be both a stand alone and web application, it’s easily accessible among Mac, Linux, and Windows Operating Systems.  And when it all comes down to it, I’m not buying an educational game for my PlayStation but I’ll gladly spend some time on the web playing one.

Okay okay, I’m still talking about education. Let’s go on. The game is quick, no splash screen, you get quickly thrown into the game and you’re playing it. Not always good for sponsorship, (which can bring large monetary gains), but it’s excellent for the player. Playing the game is quick, transitions are fast and you can jump from question to question very quickly. Makes the experience much better, especially when your geography skills are horrible and you have to keep restarting.

Last, this game is rewarding, there’s something good about knowing I know where the United States is. LOL, it’s even better when I learn where all the African nations are. I’ve played this game for an hour or two over the past few days and my geography skills are getting a lot better. You gotta love that, it’s fun and you’re learning. What more could you ask for from a game?

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  1. Ryan

    it is rather oddly addictive, despite the fact that it makes me feel stupid

  2. Par

    haha, I agree 100%.

  3. hwee

    After playing the game, I just want to make another game that you have to pick a place where a famous history event occured.

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