May 8, 2009

How to make Death vs. Monstars style explosions


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And the link is dead. Sorry guys… looks like this one no longer exists.

If there’s one game that’s came out lately that I have really liked… it’s Death vs. Monstars.  It’s an exciting simple little flash game with lots and LOTS of bullets. If you haven’t played it, you definitely should. The graphics are simple yet beautiful, and the gameplay is just fun.

Here’s the game if you want to play it. (after the jump)


Anyway, I didn’t write this tutorial but it’s a good graphics one.

Here’s the link to the tutorial by the game’s author:


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Hey! Don't be surprised, I'm a flash developer. While Flash is definitely one of my favorite languages to develop in, most of all I just like making games. If you want to see the games I've developed so far head over to my website, DigitallyBold, in the link below. If you want to know more about what I'm working on now and in the future be sure to follow me on twitter.


  1. pkr

    Yeah thanks for the link!

    Anyway Im more waitin for the sequel of “Makin a complete..” u know…

    Have a nice day dude

  2. pkr

    that comment beyond should be a compliment by the way :P

  3. Par

    haha, thanks. Making a Complete Flash game is still there. I’m just busy at the moment with my own game project being released

  4. Christian Scholz-Flöter

    The link to the author’s tutorial turns out to be dead as a dodo.

  5. jeango

    Hey, thanks for your tutorials they are amazing

    do you happen to have a copy of that tutorial, I’d love to see it

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